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Young Parents Program

Young Parents Program

Are you 21 or younger with children or pregnant? This program provides an opportunity for you to meet other young parents to talk, share ideas and have fun.

You will be provided with pre-natal and post-natal support, free childcare and healthy snacks for you and your children. This program provides a forum to support young parents to be the best parent they can be and to help educate the community that being a young parent does not mean you are not a good parent.

The program is presently housed out of Confederation College Children and Family Centre, and we work in partnership with the SAM/MISOL Program through the Lakehead Board of Education. The program is also open to young parents in the community.

Some of the topics covered in our program include:

  • parenting information
  • pre/post-natal support
  • Triple P tips
  • cooking and healthy eating information
  • crafting
  • information on child development
  • breastfeeding information and support

In May 2014, the Young Parents launched a Photo Voice project entitled “Broken Pieces: Mended Hearts”  that was planned and developed to help erase the stigma surrounding being a young parent. Becoming a parent in an ideal situation can be difficult. Parenting at a young age can bring many additional challenges. Meet this diverse group of young women through their pictures and narratives. Each person has a unique story and has faced many challenges and victories along the way.  We invite you to join with them as they break the stigma surrounding parenting at a young age.

This is their story in Sound and Vision.

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