To empower individuals to build stronger families and inclusive communities by enhancing their lives through personal growth and development. 


For all individuals to be nurtured and supported by a caring and inclusive community. 


At OKC, we believe:

→ Our children are our future

→ In developing the full potential of every child

→ All individuals are worthy of dignity and respect

→ Every individual has true talents to be discovered and shared

→ In a community development model that directly involves and engages participants in all levels of program planning, decision-making, action, community mobilization and evaluation

→ That when parents are given the right set of tools, children succeed

→ Healthy prenatal care fosters healthy children

→ That our volunteers are a critical component in the operation and governance of OKC through involvement on planning teams and the Board of Directors

→ In building partnership and a collaborative approach to build a community

→ That programs should develop self-esteem, peer leadership, and support, and should be flexible, economical and accessible