The community development approach used by OKC is a process whereby families are involved in all aspects of the project from defining needs, concerns and strengths of the community, planning activities and assessing their worth.

The Planning Team is the way that this happens. Participants are invited to sit as a volunteer on this committee. They meet weekly to discuss what is happening at the centers, concerns they are hearing in the programs, ideas that they would like to see take place and offers the format for OKC to make sound programming  decisions grounded in the reality of our participants.

Each month, the Planning Team will select a member to represent them at the OKC Board of Directors meeting to ensure that their voice is being heard. They will report back to the Planning Team any relevant information from the Board meeting.

Training is provided on many topics including; effective communication, problem-solving, leadership development and conflict resolution to name a few.

The main roles and responsibilities of Planning Team members include:

  • Be an advocate and an ambassador for Our Kids Count
  • Empower other people’s participation through sincere interaction and sharing information about resources and programs
  • Be a voice for center participants by gathering feedback/responses and bringing it to staff/Board
  • Offer new ideas to fit the needs of participants and the wider community
  • Provide meaningful input in decision making on programs, fundraising, resources, etc.
  • To have been involved in OKC programs in the last twelve months

Planning Team would seek to have about 10-12 members to ensure both wide representations as well as effective working dynamics.

If you’re interested in joining Planning Team, please contact Sonia at or 623-0292 ext. 243.