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Staff Directory

Kathryn Hughes
Executive Director
623-0292 Ext. 224

Kelly Hicks
Business Manager
623-0292 Ext. 221

Amy Silvaggio
Development Manager
623-0292 Ext. 243

Jocelyn Kloosterhuis
Nutrition Manager
623-0292 Ext. 227

Margaret Hajdinjak
Program Manager
623-0292 Ext. 229

Maryanna Khnanisho
Administrative Assistant
623-0292 Ext. 228

Kimberly Russell
Big Brothers Big Sisters Coordinator
623-0292 ext. 239

Dorry Burak
Business Assistant
623-0292 ext. 240

Caterina Tuori
Community Support Worker
Academy Site

Sonia Kruger
Community Support Worker
McKenzie St. Site & Westfort Site
623-0292 ext. 242
Maygan Diana
Community Support Worker
Windsor St. Site
Meghan Maunula
Early Childhood Educator
McKenzie St. Site
623-0292 Ext. 220

Cara O’Brien
Family Counsellor

Ryley Fingler
Fundraising Coordinator
623-0292 ext. 232

Rachel Gradner
Home Visiting Resource Mom &
YPP Facilitator
623-0292 Ext. 230

Caity Lesnick
Nutrition Facilitator
Westfort Site
623-0292 Ext. 227

Outreach Worker
Windsor St. Site

Sydnie Bryan
Outreach Worker Intern
Windsor St. Site

Sherry Blasizzo
Pre/Postnatal Facilitator
623-0292 Ext. 228

Nadine Turcotte
Roots of Empathy Coordinator
623-0292 Ext. 223

For volunteer inquiries,
please contact the
Fundraising Coordinator.


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