All programs are free.  Please call to register.  Follow our Facebook page for updates.

About Our Programs

An opportunity for adults to get together to cook a healthy, nutritious, meal for their whole family. Call 807-623-0292 EXT. 226 to register.

This is an opportunity for individuals to come and talk to a counsellor about any concerns that they have. We also run group programs featuring topics that could be related to depression, grief, suicide, etc.  Call 807-629-6433 to make an appointment or to register.

This program provides a healthy, nutritious meal for the whole family, as well as offering support, cooking, crafting, and discussions around parenting.

Our Emergency Food Cupboards are open at our McKenzie site every Thursday from 1 – 3 PM and our Windsor site every Thursday from 1 – 4 PM. This service can be accessed once a month for those who require emergency relief (two days worth of food for the whole family). Identification is required for your first visit. 

This program is for adults and their children under the age of 1 year old. This is time to socialize with other parents of young children, and interact in activities with your baby. Discussions with a Pre/Postnatal Facilitator are supported in this program. Call 807-346-6863 to register. 

This program provides children ages 7-12 an opportunity to come together in a group and learn basic cooking skills, try new food, meet other children and share their interests in food. Call 807-623-0292 EXT. 226 to register.

As of September 2022, Our Kids Count will be overseeing the operations of licensed private home child care providers in the city and district with funding from TBDSSAB. For more information, contact Tara at 807-633-4069. 

This program is for adults and their children under the age of 6 to come together and share a healthy breakfast and interact with each other in a social environment. Age appropriate child development activities are provided. Call 807-346-6863 to register.

Adults come together to discuss any ideas that they have for the centre and help provide directions to staff on programming that they want to see happening. This group is the voice of the families that attend our centres. Call 807-623-0292 EXT. 243 for more information.

An opportunity for parents with babies under 1 year old or pregnant moms (partners welcome) to get together to cook a healthy, nutritious, meal for their whole family. Call 807-346-6863 to register

This is a program for participants who are either pregnant or post-natal with up to a 1 year old baby. We are offering a variety of programs through this platform including cooking demonstrations and guest speakers. This program is facilitated by our Pre/Post Natal Facilitator. Email for more information.

This program offers childcare for short periods of time so parents/guardians can attend appointments, run errands, or maintain personal wellbeing.  For more information, contact Jolaine at 807-346-6863.

This is a program that we are offering to adults who are wanting support, community, and good conversation!  Workshops may be in person or virtually via Zoom. Currently, we are supplying the materials to support this program. Call 807-623-0292 EXT. 229 for more information.

This program is designed for parents 21 years and younger and is in partnership with the SAM-MISOL program at Confederation College. Parents come together to learn to cook a healthy meal for their family and receive support from our Young Parents Facilitator to address parenting and child development. Call 807-623 0292 EXT. 230 for more information.