Our Kids Count has been such a positive in mine and my families’ life.  When I first came to OKC I was broken & lost.  With the help of staff and their positive influence and awesome programs, I have found myself on a positive track. My children have enjoyed programs, and this helped them transition into school because they had been in social situations away from me, in OKC programs.  Cooking programs have opened my eyes about new ways to prepare healthy foods and given my children an opportunity to try new foods.  My oldest son regularly uses the skills he learned in the kitchens and this has helped him gain some independence. I am in a position now where I can give back to OKC by volunteering and I am proud to be a part of this organization. -A-
Our Kids Count has been such a positive influence on our family.  They have wonderful programming available for everyone in the family to enjoy.  There are kitchens for Mom & Baby where mom can get a much-needed breather & make dinner for the family while baby socializes with other children. I also love the kids’ kitchen program where the big kids learn necessary skills that may be difficult to practice at home with smaller siblings.  They also offer numerous workshops & outings throughout the year which my family certainly enjoys.  OKC has impacted my family in such a positive way by offering free programs to do things that we may not have been able to do otherwise.  I am thankful for all the services offered at OKC & hope to continue to enjoy them. -L-
OKC has given our family an opportunity to be out of the house and into a safe environment.  We are given chances to experience activities that are different from our regular routine.  Having helpful and knowledgeable staff is helpful to me when I’m seeking advice.  I have been coming to OKC for the past 3 years and have appreciated the program the whole time. -D-
Our Kids Count has given me a sense of the type of parent I can become.  Being the best mom I can be.  Helping me deal with difficult situations with my child at home.  Gives me an opportunity to talk with other moms who have/are going through what I am. -K-

I have been coming to OKC for about 3 years now. I have been asked if I would be interested in being peer lead in kitchens (both community kitchen and KICK). I love visiting the Windsor site. I always have fun talking and working with both staff and other participants. I look forward to each day that I am on the calendar to participate in the program of the day.


The following are testimonials from some of our Big Brothers Big Sisters Go Girls! in-school mentoring participants.
  • I liked all the fun games and the snacks!
  • I loved the food and games. I get to spend more time with my close friends that are in the other classes. Thank you for the great time. Being here is usually the best part of my day, so thanks for that!
  • What I loved about Go Girls is everything. Food, activities, people and more!
  • I love this place. It’s my favourite place at school. My favourite thing is probably the games and the ABC game where you must have veggies or objects. Yay!
  • I love how we played a bunch of fun games and the snacks. I also loved how we would talk about stuff.
  • I loved everything! The food, games, etc.
  • My favourite part of the program was that it wasn’t directed to just one person, I got to stay with my friends.
  • I liked everything! It helps me. The snacks are good.


Helping to a postpartum mom was an amazing experience I had received from Our Kids Count centre. It was a tremendous help for me and my family. Thank you so much, will never forget your help & generosity. 💖 -NS-
Our Kids Count has wonderful programs that have helped me with my new baby and getting out of the house. The staff are wonderful with us and we love seeing them! -TLK-
I saw this (OKC Let’s Talk Poster) on the bulletin board yesterday and what a fabulous resource to have in our neighborhood! Btw my son despite not knowing anyone in the KICK program absolutely LOVED his first session! Thank you OKC. -JCL-