Adapting in the Pandemic

The Covid-19 safety restrictions implemented in Thunder Bay will help determine if programs will be offered on-site, virtually or both.  Free childcare for children under 5 may be provided while the parent is participating in OKC on-site programs.

Participants must register for all on-site and virtual programs.  Please watch our Facebook page for updates.  We aim to provide nutritional snacks or a meal at all programs; however, we may not always be able to provide snacks during the pandemic. Our doors are closed to the general public until further notice.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Community Kitchens

Share in menu planning and cooking with your peers and take home meals for your family.



Due to Covid-19 precautions and measures, we’re currently not offering drop in programs.  Participants must register for all on-site and virtual programs.  Get together with other parents and their children to share in a time of play and creative activities offered by Early Childhood Educators. Parents are responsible for their own children.



Meet regularly, throughout the year, with neighbors to plan activities for families in your community and support programs offered by Our Kids Count.


Parenting Support

All the Programs offered under parenting support are led by trained group leaders. Learn more about such things like your child’s development; positive discipline; building your child’s self-esteem and taking time for yourself.


Young Parents Program

This program provides an opportunity for pre-natal and post-natal young parents who are usually under the age of 21 to get together and share ideas and learn new skills. They are supported by the Young Parents Program Coordinator.


Pre/Post-Natal Support

A Pre/Post-Natal Facilitator is available to pregnant or new moms needing information and support on prenatal care, labor, birth, care of the newborn and breastfeeding. You can arrange to meet her at one of our sites or main office. Individual home visits can also be arranged.  Participants attending a prenatal program will receive a food certificate with which they can purchase such items as bread, fruit, and vegetables


Home Visiting

Are you feeling isolated? Would you like to know what resources are available for you here in Thunder Bay? We can match you up with a Resource Mom to provide one-on-one support in your home. This program runs year round.



Our Kids Count and Catholic Family Development Centre Thunder Bay continue to work together to ensure those who need counselling can receive it.  During Covid-19 counselling is only available by phone or virtually.  Information about counselling can be found on our Facebook page and our website (from the menu select Programs, Family Counselling & Support Groups). A family counselor is available to provide free, community-based, short-term counseling to individuals and families. Please call 807-345-7323 for an appointment.



Workshops on parenting for couples, budgeting, and fatherhood will be available as the need arises.

To help with social isolation during the pandemic, we are also offering a number of Virtual Workshops including:

  • Painting Workshops
  • Virtual Craft & Learn
  • Virtual Book Club

Check out each program page on our website, or call 807-623-0292 ext. 228 to learn more about our programs.