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Teen Kitchen

Teen Kitchen

The Teen Kitchen brings young people between the ages of 13 to 18 together in the kitchen to learn how to prepare nutritious and delicious meals in a healthy way while teaching them leadership skills and mentoring them for leadership roles.

The teens learn about nutrition, how to cook healthy meals within defined budgets and the impact of their food choices. Each week they prepare a meal together that they take home to share with their family. Participants also have the opportunity to have fun while building robust and long-lasting connections through community engagement.

Teens from this program could be recruited as peer leaders to oversee/coordinate our monthly free community breakfast or possibly train future foodies and upcoming teens that will show interest in cooking.

One of the skills the teens will learn in this program is Culinary but more than that they will also learn discipline, creativity, conflict resolution, communication, team building and self-confidence.


We currently do not have a Teen Kitchen running